BeagleBone Black and MSP430 based
Wireless Sensing

We had a 'project' competition in our college called 'Amalgam' and I decided to create a prototype of a Wireless Sensing System using MSP430, BeagleBone Black and XBee

For the node, I planned on using a DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor, and ordered for the same, however I received it late and had to stick with an LM35. I also added an LDR to the device, though, could not finish coding it in time. I used a series one Xbee Module on the node to tranfer sensor readings. Take a look at the board layout and the final, finished board:

On the side of the BeagleBone Black, I used the Adafruit BBIO library to enable UART too the Xbee module, data was received continuously and stored into a file every second. I'm also running LIGHTTPD web-server to display the readings on a web page hosted by the BeagleBone Black

Initially, the web page was developed just to display the integer value associated with the received via XBee, but since that was quite bland, I decided to add some more style to it. Since, LIGHTTPD supports javascript, I took cue from this instructable and created a neat looking web page to display sensor readings. It sure damn looks good! ;)

Do look out for version 2 (coming soon)!

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