Internet Speed Plotter

College suffers from a chronic internet connection problem. Downtimes are high, speeds are low. The requirement far exceeds the total available internet bandwidth of our college. I decided to find out the best time to use the Internet.

I hacked together a python script to download a 1MB file from the internet after a predefined period of time. The total time taken to download the file, with the timestamp of the current time is then saved on to a csv.

Another python script allows me to read the csv and generate a plot from the datapoints. Take a look at one of the visualisations generated by the script (cool eh!)

The script works well, and I could find 'sweet spots' to use the internet!

Our college is relatively small, and incase of an event, one can expect almost everyone to be present. Its interesting to note how the internet speed varies with such events!

You can download the scripts from github