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Facebook Sentimentaliser!

Keep track of your friends' sentiment!

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Sentimentaliser Helps You Keep Track of your Walls' Sentiment!

Had a bad day? Tired of all the negativity around you? Want to have some good news for a change? Then the Facebook Sentimentaliser is for you!

The Sentimentaliser is a chrome extension that tags all the positive and negative posts on your Facebook wall, allowing you to skip all the negative stuff!

Here's an example of a Positive post....

And here's a Negative one....

...... Cool, eh?


Just download the .crx (chrome extension) file, and drag and drop it onto your google chrome window. That's it! You're done!


Sentimentaliser uses client side Javascript, and never asks you for your login details, we respect privacy, and the sentimentaliser is completely dedicated to it. Also, our code is completely open source and available on GitHub!


Please do contribute!

View the Project on GitHub chiragnagpal/fb-sentimentaliser