Hi, this is Chirag!

Hey there! Welcome to my home on the World Wide Web. I am Chirag Nagpal, currently in my senior year at the University of Pune, Army Institute of Technology and majoring in Computer Engineering. I have an interest in Machine Learning and Data Mining. I am also a full time hardware hacker.

During summers this year, I was a Robotics Institute Summer Scholar at Carnegie Mellon. I worked at the Auton Lab. I was involved in the DARPA MEMEX project. More about this is here.

Last year I interned at Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Banagalore. My work was in the area of Machine Learning and Social Network Analysis under the guidance of Prof. N Balakrishnan. More about this can be found here.

I have recently founded the "AIT Big Data & Pervasive Systems Group". It is an attempt to get like minded individuals together and explore the emerging areas like IoT and Data Analytics. With this initiative, I am currently involved in tutoring freshmen and sophomores in WebScraping, Revision Control Systems, Machine Learning etc.

Since my sophomore year, I have been visiting the Texas Instruments Centre for Embedded Product Design, at NSIT, Delhi and worked under Prof. DV Gadre. It is here that I picked up my hardware, hacking and fabrication skills.

From June '16 I'll be joining BING at Microsoft R&D India as a 'Software Engineer in Machine Learning'. Yippeeeeee ;)!!

I am learning to play the guitar and started a channel on SoundCloud. Check out this Metal Version of "Fast Car" I covered below!: